Sign the positionning text

Sign the positionning text

I support a strong word in favor of migration education

Thus the educational programme «One World Citizen» wishes to engage in an intellectual deconstruction of migration : at the level of personal prejudices and the stakes of «making society», all together. It will first of all be a question of reconciling personal experience with the representation that our fellow citizens have of migration.

Even more : the change in the way we look at the diversity of migration must take shape through encounters. Encounters between citizens of the world: men, women and children – whether sedentary or mobile – who are equal in their diversity and their cultural rights. But also meetings with local actors and activists. The value of their experience, their know-how and their commitment requires them to shine more brightly in society.

We will intervene more particularly in neighbourhoods with little social mix and in rural areas where prejudices are the strongest.

Finally, in view of the need to integrate newcomers, the «One World Citizen» programme is calibrated to have a powerful societal impact. It will be deployed with the active and structured cooperation of actors (local and national) involved in migration issues.

The aim is to decompartmentalize the actors, to actively involve foreigners, to seize academic expertise and sciences from the field to expose them in the public sphere and thus allow the greatest number to awaken their critical minds.

Thus, in response to the crisis of cosmopolitanism, this pedagogical programme is conceived as an accelerator for social cohesion and a lever of solidarity ; a support to foster cooperation between actors of migration, Humans and projects.

Let us mobilize in favor of migration education!

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