Who decides European asylum and immigration policy ?

“In essence, answering the question ; Who decides on European asylum and immigration policy?, means, questioning the place occupied by European States, both in defining the policy and in applying it. The response reveals that they play a central role.”

Géraldine Bachoue Pedrouzo

Lecturer – Director of CDRE – Université de Pau et des pays de l’Adour

Researchers and civil society actors specialised in migration issues and non-formal education have come together to share with you a unique experience to learn more about European migration policy!

Target :

Youngsters between 16 to 30 years old.

Duration :

 3 hours (can be divided into 2 sessions of 1h30)

  • Who am I ? : Acquire knowledge of the main players and decision-makers involved in European asylum and migration policy
  • Law Cost Travel : Understand how actors decide on immigration and asylum policy
  • Circling the challenges : To reflect on current challenges in decision making and implementation of EU migration/asylum legislation
  • The silhouette : To strengthen and develop soft skills related to EU migration policy

Pedagogical objectives :

  • Acquire knowledge of the main actors and decision-makers involved in EU asylum/migration policy (institutions/agencies)  
  • Understand the role of actors in the decision-making process concerning EU immigration/asylum policy
  • Reflect on current challenges in decision-making and implementation of EU immigration/asylum legislation
  • Strengthen and develop soft skills related to EU asylum/migration policy.

Content of the kit

Videos to go deeper into the topic

Presentation brochure (EN)
Pedagogical sheet (EN)
Pedagogical tools (EN)
Scientific Texts (EN)